The Basics Of A Lash Lift

The Basics Of A Lash Lift

Given that mascara will not last as long as an eyelash lift, you’ve probably looked into eyelash perms and Googled “what is a lift?” This popular cosmetic operation has been popular for a long period, and with good reason. However, who doesn’t want to awaken with beautiful, lifted lashes?

Even if you’ve never heard of eyelash lifts, a short glance at these before and after photos may convince you that you require one immediately. Hold on—we have some further information to share before you reserve the first available time window in your Lash Lift in Austin. The next sections will discuss lash lifting in further detail, including how long a lash lift lasts and whether you can obtain a lift at home.

Who Does Lash Lift Services?

To have your lashes elevated, you should visit a lash bar, beauty clinic, or blow dry bar in Austin that has a skilled specialist and staff. Applying a chemical to your lashes and curling them from the base is something you do not want an uncertified technician to do to your eyes or permanently damage your lashes.

Are eyelash extensions the same as lash lifts? Curing the lashes and adding chemicals to maintain their curl are both steps in the lash enhancement process. While a perm curls the ends of your lashes, a lash lift curls the base of your lashes, creating the illusion of elevated lashes.

How Long Does Lash Lift Last?

A well-performed lash lift might last between six and eight weeks. During this period, lifted lashes will continue to curl naturally. The rate at which your lash hair grows is also a concern. It is probable that if your lash hair grows rapidly, it will lose its curls more quickly than if it grows slowly.

This can be avoided by following post-treatment guidelines, such as refraining from using oil-based products or resting on your side or back, refraining from eye lotions or lash serums, and avoiding hot water after a lash lift treatment.

The quality of the lash lift kit you use is also critical in deciding the duration of the lash lift.

Can you Personalize or Customize Your Lash Lift?

A lash lift is an excellent alternative because it enables you to alter the appearance of your eyelashes. You should be completely candid with your lash artist about your daily lash routine; the more information you provide, the easier it will be for her to assist you in obtaining the lashes you need.

Using the type of lash strips or certain styles that appeal to you as a reference, you can communicate your desires to your lash artist. Your lash technician will decide the right curl and lift for your lashes. Individuals desiring longer lashes may opt to utilize a growth serum. On the other hand, the lash lift can only enhance what you currently have. If you wish to modify the length of your lashes significantly, you must first allow them to grow out naturally.

Lash Lift Upgrade: Lash Tinting

Depending on whether or not you apply mascara regularly, you may like to request that your lash specialist darken your lashes more and create the illusion of increased volume and length. If you’re on vacation and don’t feel like wearing mascara, you may add a lash color to the lift service. The average lash strand begins black at the base and gradually lightens to a nearly transparent state as the lash grows longer. The lash tinting procedure involves applying a dyeing solution to your lower and higher lashes, which darkens them from root to tip and makes them appear even more divided once the technician has combed them. The lash technician can tint your lashes before applying the nourishing lotion. The tint will last between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the darkness of your lashes. My recommendation is to have your top lashes raised and your bottom lashes colored to make your eyes pop.

Post-Lash Lift Care Tips

Avoid Surface Moisture

As is the case with most lash procedures, the first 24-48 hours following a lash operation are important. This is the time required for the biochemical consequences to fully manifest. While it may be tempting to simply tell your clients not to submerge their lashes in water, a little additional information can go a long way!

If you tell them to stay away from water, you should also tell them to stay away from steam.

Apply Make-Up With Cautiousness

Make-up might have a detrimental effect on lash lifts when worn within the first 24 to 48 hours of therapy. Waterproof mascara and other oil-based products are a no-no due to the additional energy required to remove them.

For instance, your clients may have tried castor oil before coming to you for a lash lift. This, however, should not be done shortly after a lash lift treatment! With the aid of oil, lashes can be straightened, undoing the effects of a perm.

Resist The Temptation To Rub Your Eyes

We’ve all had the pleasure of rubbing our eyes. Following a lash lift, clients should be informed that excessive rubbing or pushing on the lash area can significantly alter their appearance and cause them to straighten within the first 24 hours.

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