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By introducing a new generation of bra bras, Bye Bra takes traditional bra accessories to the next level. Curved bra clips help many women who are struggling with visible bra straps and discomfort resulting from wearing too small and non-adaptive accessories of a similar nature that may even damage the spine if they are too strong. Bye Bra is an ergonomic, curved shape, curved bra clip that is adapted to the shape of the spine and improve the comfort of wearing. Curved bra clip does not lie flat on the spine: it will fit the shape of the spine, so it will not even be felt when wearing it. The curved bra clip is made of a soft iron material that can also be stretched or bent if required by the user. In this way, women will receive a personalized and ergonomic Curved bra clip tailored to their needs. The set contains 3 clips in different colors along with a travel cover. EAN: 8718801016367

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