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Plastic Surgery vs Cosmetic Surgery: What Are the Differences?

Plastic Surgery vs Cosmetic Surgery: What Are the Differences?

You know you need surgery to improve your looks. What matters is the type of surgery you go with.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are not the same things. Even though they treat similar conditions to you. There are some differences to be aware of before proceeding.

Some people get surgery for medical purposes. But most people get there for aesthetic purposes.

So what are the differences between plastic surgery vs cosmetic surgery? Keep reading our plastic and cosmetic surgery guide to find out.

Goals of Plastic Surgery vs Cosmetic Surgery

Both are performed differently because they have different goals. Plastic surgery is usually done in a hospital, whereas cosmetic surgery is done on an outpatient basis.

Cosmetic improves regular appearances, but the person wants to change. Plastic surgery is done to repair abnormal formations resulting from congenital disabilities, injury, burns, and disease.

Like all medical fields, there are ethical considerations and best practices that must be adhered to in order to protect patients. Patients should consult a board-certified surgeon to discuss their goals and determine which procedure is right for them

Differences in Procedures Performed

Plastic surgery performs to correct functional problems. This is usually more invasive and can involve procedures such as breast reconstruction after mastectomy, hand surgery, and microsurgery. 

Cosmetic surgery procedures, on the other hand, are typically non-invasive, including breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and facelifts. These procedures are elective, which means that they are not medically necessary.

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Differences in Results

The results of cosmetic surgery are usually temporary and often do not address the underlying cause of the problem. For example, a facelift will make a person look younger but will not stop aging.

Plastic surgery results are typically more permanent and functional. Cleft palate surgery, for example, not only improves the appearance of the mouth and nose but also restores the ability to speak correctly.

The Recovery Process

Recovery times also vary between the two types of procedures. The recovery process is usually longer for plastic surgery than for cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery recovery time is usually much shorter because the procedures are less invasive. There is usually less swelling and bruising, and recovery is usually quick.

Differences in Costs

The cost of cosmetic surgery is generally much higher than plastic surgery. That’s because cosmetic surgery is usually not covered by insurance.

In addition, plastic surgery is a more complex procedure. It requires many surgeries to achieve the desired results. It is also more expensive if it is not covered by insurance.

Realistic Expectations

Overall, while plastic surgery is designed to correct functional issues, cosmetic surgery is purely elective. The plastic surgery vs cosmetic surgery fields is separate but sometimes overlapping.

Each type of surgery also has different risks and potential complications. Patients should consult a board-certified surgeon to discuss their goals.

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