New Fragrance Terms 101: Cloying, Gourmand, Dry Down, Vial and Blind Buy

New Fragrance Terms 101: Cloying, Gourmand, Dry Down, Vial and Blind Buy
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Welcome to the world of perfumes, where scents weave tales and memories linger in the air like invisible poetry. As a beginner in the realm of fragrance, the multitude of options and terminology might seem overwhelming. Fear not, for this guide is your compass, helping you navigate the new fragrant terms!

Perfumes, with their ability to transport us to distant memories or evoke emotions, are nothing short of olfactory masterpieces. However, navigating the labyrinth of new perfume terms like what is cloting, dry down and vial can be as complex as deciphering the notes of a sophisticated fragrance.

So here’s your guide to beginner in perfumery world to learn new terms!

1. Let’s talk about cloying

Like we have talked before on article about cloying in perfume refers to a fragrance that is excessively sweet, rich, or overwhelming to the point of becoming unpleasant or overwhelming. When a perfume is described as cloying, it suggests that the sweetness or richness is so intense that it becomes sickly or overpowering rather than enjoyable.

2. What is Gourmand?

The term “gourmand” is derived from the French word for “glutton,” and gourmand fragrances often feature notes that are reminiscent of sweet, dessert-like, or culinary elements. These fragrances are crafted to evoke the warmth and comfort associated with perfume smell like cookie, creating an aromatic experience that is both delicious and enticing. Gourmand perfumes have gained popularity for their ability to evoke sensory memories and provide a comforting, cozy feeling.

3. Dry down

Dry down is generally considered the same as base notes, which are the final scents that emerge after the perfume is sprayed. These scents have gone through a series of notes, namely top notes and middle notes, which then evaporate, leaving behind the final scent. Now, it is this last scent that lingers on the body for a long time and is more enduring than the scents that appeared earlier. The overall experience of the scents that emerge when using perfume is what is known as the dry down.

4. Vial

Ever come across the word ‘vial’ when shopping for perfume online? A vial is a tiny tube used to store perfume liquids like testers or sample fragrances. Usually, vials come as a freebie with a purchase. You can also find perfume vials sold in bundles, usually in sizes of 1-3 ml. So, if you’re not ready to commit to a full-sized bottle, these perfume vials are perfect. Just make sure to snag them from a trustworthy perfume store for a safer bet, okay?

5. Blind buy

A blind buy, just like the name suggests, is when you snag a perfume without giving it a sniff first. It’s usually the deal when you’re shopping for fragrances online. You basically check out the list of notes in the description, think it sounds good, and go for it. But, if you’re not quite the scent expert yet and aren’t familiar with all those perfume notes, a blind buy might land you with a fragrance that’s not exactly your vibe.

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