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5 Steps to Take To Reverse the Signs of Aging

5 Steps to Take To Reverse the Signs of Aging

According to experts, the global anti-aging market will be worth $421.4 billion by 2030. If that comes to pass, it will signify an increase of more than two-fold in its 2019 revenue. One reason for that growth is that more people are now aware of how skin health ties with mental health. One study even found that facial lines can make one feel more stressed or anxious.

If that describes how you’re feeling, worry not, as you might still be able to reverse the signs of aging. We’ll tell you how below, so read on.

1. Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoke contains toxins that damage collagen and elastin. They’re the skin’s primary structural components, giving it its firmness and suppleness. Thus, the more you smoke and the longer you do, the more damage the skin sustains.

Over time, all those adverse effects can show as premature aging signs, such as deep wrinkles. They can also dry the skin and cause it to sag.

Fortunately, quitting now may help you look younger as you may develop fewer wrinkles.

2. Minimize Alcohol Intake

Excessive alcohol consumption can diminish the skin’s ability to produce collagen. It may also reduce fat mass, leading to volume loss in the face. Moreover, it can lead to vitamin deficiencies, resulting in early signs of aging.

While you don’t have to stop drinking altogether, it’s best to tone it down. One standard drink a day is the recommendation for women, while it’s two for men.

Drink lots of water while drinking alcohol, too, to replenish the body fluids that you lose. Remember: alcohol is a diuretic, promoting water loss through urination.

3. Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Did you know that a single night of skimping on sleep can already age your cells? In short, insufficient sleep can make the signs of old age, including aging skin, appear early!

That should be enough reason to sleep for at least seven hours each night, or even nine hours if you can. Otherwise, you’re more likely to develop dark eye circles, fine lines, and wrinkles.

4. Take Supplements

Building meals around fresh fruits and veggies may help slow down natural signs of aging. That should be your first step, but you can also take vitamin C and collagen peptide supplements.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps repair damaged skin cells. It also assists in the body’s collagen production.

On the other hand, collagen peptides work to replenish the body’s broken-down collagen. So, it might help reverse aging skin signs by aiding the body rebuild the skin’s structure. You can see more here with Dr. Lori about vitamins and medicine supplements and how they can boost wellness as well as help fight the aging process.

5. Consider Cosmetic Treatments

If you only have superficial skin damage, you might want to undergo chemical peels. They’re minimally-invasive procedures that target the epidermis, the skin’s outermost layer. They help rejuvenate the skin by removing old and damaged skin cells. Skin boosters are also a great procedure that gives very subtle, natural results to give your skin a moisture boost and a tighter appearance without having to have botox or fillers.

If you have more severe signs of skin aging, such as sagging and deep wrinkles, you can go for ultherapy. It’s a skin tightening and lifting treatment that uses sound energy. A guide you can view here has more information about this non-invasive procedure.

Reverse the Signs of Aging With These Tips

As you can see, there are several ways to reverse the signs of aging, and some can even prevent new ones from popping up. Start by making healthier dietary choices, quitting smoking, and drinking less. However, you can also consider cosmetic treatments for faster, enhanced results.

Are you interested in reading more health, beauty, and wellness guides like this? Then please feel free to check out more of our informative blog posts!

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