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5 Common Causes For Face Acne That Everyone Should Know, From Pillow To Nutrition

5 Common Causes For Face Acne That Everyone Should Know, From Pillow To Nutrition

The main causes of acne are not only hormonal problems, but also bacteria that can be in our pillow. And whenever you put your face to the pillow, you may get those spreading bacteria onto your skin, potentially causing pimples on your face.

Acne not only gives pain but also discomfort and insecurity. Pimples that persist on one side of the face tend to be caused by bacteria from dirty pillowcases, nutrition and other habits.

What Are Common Causes Face Acne?

Face acne is usually caused by dirt and oil that builds up and clogges the pores. Oily skin can be caused by acne on the face and there are some environmental factors that everyone should know.

Check out following common factors that cause for acne face:

1. Pillowcases & Dirty Sheets

You may not realise it but bedding and pillow sheets can be one of the causes of acne on the face. In no time, your sheets become a breeding place for bacteria, dust, dirt, and other allergens that stick to your sheets. This happens because your body transfers the dirt and bacteria that you carry throughout the day onto your sheets. It’s also possible that the oil from your hair contacts the face, making the problem even worse for everyone who has oily skin.

2. Bad Skincare

Skin care products may also be part of the cause. If you use skincare or makeup products that contain ingredients like alcohol and synthetic fragrances, they can irritate your skin or clog pores.

3. Nutrition

If you have a pimple on your cheek, diet may have something to do with it. Adjusting a good diet can make a huge impact on skin tone. If you have acne breakouts on your face, you may check nutritional intake may have something to do with it. Adjusting a good diet can make a big impact on the health of your skin. You can process and consume healthy food for your nutritional needs. Such as food preservatives or additives and low fat, cholesterol, and sodium like Pearl Couscous (

4. Hormonal Changes

If acne appears on the face and body, hormonal changes are usually one of the main factors that cause acne breakouts. That’s why many people, especially women, experience their worst acne breakouts when they are going through puberty or pregnancy.

5. Touching Face With Dirty Hands

Without realising it, hands might touch all kinds of pollutants and allergens, for example when touching a keyboard, eating utensils, or smartphone. The more often you touch your face, the bigger potential risk for bacteria, dirt, and allergens stick to your face. These substances have a quick time to seep into the skin, potentially clogging pores and making acne breakouts.


The common causes for face acne might be rarely known but everyone should know and pay attention. Other factors might also be the cause of face acne breakouts. For example, it can be caused by stress or a lack of exercise routine.

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